Weekly Training Topics

Anyone can utilize these topics for ideas to conduct training to meet PIAL requirements. 

The idea behind this is to provide training beyond the textbook.

Please feel free to email items or links for topics you would like to see posted. Our goal is to fill this up with topics to make company training as relevant and synchronized as possible while giving the station Captain a resource for planning company training.

Our goal is to place about 3 hours of content on each week of the year. Content that exceeds three hours, it is split across multiple weeks. Three hours will vary between agencies and instructors, depending on discussion. We encourage discussion on each topic with your crew. Be sure to discuss the training presented in the context of your agency's resources and staffing (don't forget mutual aid).

Where possible we have inserted the videos directly on each weeks page, however some video content could not be hosted in this manner. Where content could not be hosted on the weekly pages, links are provided to the outside source. These links will pop up in another tab to facilitate finding your way back. Where videos are available, these should be viewed as a group. If possible, hook a computer to a TV (the younger members can show you how) or stream with an ipad or other tablet. 

Be sure to document your training using your agency's method, see the Training Documentation section at the bottom of this page for documentation pointers.   

If you have content that you would like posted on the site, please email the content and links to admin@stpft.com. Thank you, and enjoy!

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Training documentation

Documentation of training should include: