EMT Class 11-9-6B

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Brady 11th ed Chapter Tests

(Due the day after each lecture)

EMT Achieve


Ch 1 Intro to Emergency Care

Ch 2 The Well-Being of the EMT

Ch 3 Medical / Legal and Ethical Issues

Ch 4 The Human Body

Ch 5 Lifting and Moving Patients

Ch 6 Airway Management

Ch 7 Scene Size-Up

Ch 8 The Initial Assessment

Ch 9 Vital Signs and SAMPLE History

Ch 10 Assessment of the Trauma Patient

Ch 11 Assessment of the Medical Patient

Ch 12 Ongoning Assessment

Ch 13 Communications

Ch 14 Documentation

Ch 15 General Phamacology

Ch 16 Respiratory Emergencies

Ch 17 Cardiac Emergencies

Ch 18 Acute Abdominal Emergencies

Ch 19 Diabetic Emergencies

Ch 20 Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status

Ch 21 Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies

Ch 22 Environmental Emergencies

Ch 23 Behavioral Emergencies

Ch 24 Obstetrics and Gynecological Emergencies

Ch 25 Putting It All Toghether for the Medical Patient

Ch 26 Bleeding and Shock

Ch 27 Soft-Tissue Injuries

Ch 28 Musculoskeletal Injuries

Ch 29 Injuries to the Head and Spine

Ch 30 Putting It All Together for the Trauma Patient

Ch 31 Infants and Children

Ch 32 Patients with Special Needs

Ch 33 Geriatric Patients

Ch 34 Ambulance Operations

Ch 35 Gaining Access and Rescue Operations

Ch 36 Special Operations

Ch 37 EMS Response to Terrorism