Week 29

Training topics for weekly training or shift training with your crew. The video content is intended to be watched as a group and discussed in the context of your staffing, response area, and equipment.

Company Training

Identifying the Cause of Hose/Nozzle Whip - Brass Tacks and Hard Facts Ep # 29

Overcoming Nozzle Whip - Brass Tacks and Hard Facts Ep # 30

The Freeman Ratio - Brass Tacks and Hard Facts Ep # 49

Driver/Operator Topics

The 4 Basic Types of Handline Nozzles (Episode 41)

Officer Topics

Modern Tactics

Part 4 of 7: (Case Studies) NIST & UL Research on Fire Behavior & Fireground tactics

Watch as a group in your station and discuss the following

    • Are we taking this information into account on our fires?

    • What can we implement from this information?