Ryan Scellick | Training like S.W.A.T. | FIRExTalk PDX '18


Some significant points to ponder as instructors. Are we instilling the hunger in our students to seek deeper understanding and proficiency in their own skills to prepare for the day we are faced with condition black? 

Are we continually practicing to keep motor skills sharp? When was the last time your members WORKED in an SCBA? Were they more proficient at the end of their recruit academy than they are now? Why is that? 

The safest firefighters on the fireground are those that maintain Situational Awareness, skills proficiency, and can make rational decisions. What are we doing to instill CRAFTSMANSHIP? 

We should all remain students of the fire service, never be satisfied with where we are. We should all be reaching to the next level, we should all be CRAFTSMEN.


Neural-Based Learning for Firefighting

Firefighting Today Roundtable - All About Training

The panel will discuss training in your department, nationally, and personal training plans. Are we doing the right things, is the training effective, how to we measure it and many other things.




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